Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Had a Silhouette SD Before Having a Silhouette SD was Cool

I'm writing this post specifically for Tip Junkie. She just got a Silhouette and is wondering what it can do.

It can do a lot. A whole lot.

What is a Silhouette? I call it an "industrial Cricut". Clear as mud? Does "a Cricut on steroids" sound any better?

Let me just show you a few of the many projects I've made with my Silhouette.

One of my favorite things to cut is iron-on vinyl--like the stuff you put on t-shirts. I did 35 of these cheerbows for a local high school's football cheerleaders. It's impossible to tell in this photo, but the dark ribbon is purple, white layered on top of that, then a gold metallic vinyl "SHS" on top. They were GORGEOUS if I do say so myself! More importantly, they loved them!
Below is a close-up of the vinyl ironed on to the white grosgrain ribbon.

Here's a fun one! Travel Tableware for Toddlers that are personalized with a name or an initial make great gifts. (By the way, you can find this at Jan's-n-Stitches.)

This rolling cooler has white iron-on vinyl. This was one of those tricky projects, but I thought it looked fabulous when finished!

So, what can a Silhouette do? The sky's really the limit. I love mine--it was a great investment!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden--Version 2011

We've had a shaky start to our garden this year. We had the ground plowed up (doubling our growing space), then it started to rain. And rain. And rain some more.

The lettuce and radishes are in a semi-raised bed. The rain moved the seeds around and we lost quite a bit, but we'll replant lettuce when it cools off this fall.

Rick, Betty (his mom), and the girls have been helping to get the starts into the ground today. They're working on "Uncle Gene beans" here. Uncle Gene beans are like a black and white striped lima bean. I'm sure they have an official name, but that's what we call them because the seeds came from Rick's Uncle Gene! Makes sense, eh?

Brandie was getting really good at getting the bean starts planted.

Haleigh learns the fine art of making the hole.

We, well, Rick and the girls started seeds about six weeks ago in little cups and in some of those starter thingies you find this time of year. (I got them at a garage sale last year for $.25! Score!) They did really well.....until we couldn't get them into the ground because of the rain. Everything started looking a little leggy, but we think they'll all make it!

I'm linking to She Considers. Olivia is hosting "From 2011 Seeds to Harvest Garden Challenge". Go check out how everyone else is doing!