Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Things Kids Say

Katie was spinning around the room when she announced, "When I grow up I'm going to have lots of babies and be a ballerina."

Not to be out-done, Audrey chimed in, "When I grow up I'm going to have lots of babies, and I'm going to be a SPIDER!

We don't know where that came from, but it sure makes us laugh when we think about it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

More Photos from Botany 101

Audrey is not a head without a body. Isn't this a funny picture?

Little pots, sitting in the sunlight.

Botany 101

I found some little pre-packaged seeds with pots and a "soil pod" at Target last week. Since Katie LOVES flowers, I thought this might be a good introduction to how plants grow. She's been bugging me for the last week to get the process started, so today we finally did!

By the way, one of the best things about homeschooling is that you can do it in your pajamas!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Official

It's official: I'm a milk snob! A POWDERED MILK SNOB!

Don't laugh. It's true!

I've written before about how much money we began to save by using powdered milk. When made the night before and chilled well, we couldn't tell the difference between skim milk and powdered skim milk.

Then the milk hit the began tasting watery to me. I couldn't drink it. I told Rick it was like bad Yoohoo (a chocolate drink that's never seen the inside of a cow, as far as I know).

The milk I didn't like was REAL milk (ok, it was skim milk, but it wasn't powdered) from Kroger! I'd found some on sale for $2/gallon and we'd put it in the freezer. Rick had thawed it out and used it to make me some chocolate milk. ICK!
We're mixing the powdered milk correctly and getting the entire yield from the box so it's not like we're using extra powder and making it richer.

So, it's official. I'm a milk snob. I will only drink the powdered stuff now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've Got to Get Busy, Busy, Busy!

I received my first wholesale headband order! It's so exciting! To quote Professor Hinkle, "I've got to get busy, busy, busy!"

(You get 20 points--redeemable for nothing--if you know who Professor Hinkle is and what movie this comes from!)

Please excuse my excessive use of exclamation points in this post and the fact that I ended a sentence in a preposition. :-)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

There's a Mouser in Our.....House-r!

I was awake at 5:30 in the morning, just cruising around the internet, waiting to get sleepy. Mieke comes up from the basement and into the darkened room. Nothing unusual. Mieke is my "baby". No, really. She thinks she's a child and will rarely let me out of her sight.

I hear a high-pitched "eeking" coming from the other side of the room. In the shadows I can see Mieke wiggling her behind and pouncing again. SHE BROUGHT A MOUSE UP FROM THE BASEMENT!!!

Mortified, I stop just before doing my own squeal at the top of my lungs. I don't want to wake the girls who are sleeping in the next room.

Mieke runs through the cat door with the mouse in her mouth...and into the girls' room! Now I have to run after her. I don't want the girls awakened by a bouncing cat and a bloody rodent.

She had it down and it ran, er, quickly limped, to safety...for a moment. Now the other FIVE cats have come running to see what's the commotion is all about.

Can I pause and say that it must be a VERY STUPID mouse to come into a house with six cats!

I had to go wake Rick up. Rodents are his department.

"Mieke has a mouse in the girls' bedroom!"

"What do you want me to do about it?"


So Rick drags himself out of bed to save us womenfolk from the dreaded mouse.

I would also like to say that no animals were harmed in this process. However, he did have to bonk it on the head to put it out of it's misery so he could dispose of it.

The story ends with a dead mouse and a confused Mieke who spent the rest of the day looking for her "toy".

Well, I wish I could say that was the end...but she brought another mouse up again in the evening! (We have seen no signs of mice in the house and the basement is unfinished. The rain must be driving them into a drier place.) It was almost the same story except Mieke and Murph played tag with it until it was exhausted and Rick put it out of it's misery once he got it cornered.

Good Mieke.....Good Mieke......
By the way, I didn't know Mieke had it in her to catch a mouse. She's the most loving, docile cat I've ever met.
Good Mieke....Good Mieke....