Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twirly Girls

This is probably the ruffliest, twirliest dress I've ever made--or even seen! It's made from a thrifted pair of overalls and a thrifted bedsheet. This kind of project is where a ruffler foot comes in VERY handy! I think there are 14 yards of ruffles in this dress.

Look at her spin!

Audrey got a new, fun dress too. Her dress has a frog prince and princess on it.

She had to take her dress out for a spin, too.
She loves it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girly Girls

I'll admit it, my girls are "girly girls". They love dresses and being dressed up!

With that in mind, I made these two dresses and semi-matching hairflowers. They LOVED them! The dresses could also be jumpers with a t-shirt or turtneck worn underneath. Two more are waiting in Katie's closet!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 6 Without Running Water

We're half way through day six without running water.

I took four baskets of laundry to the laundromat today. Everyone there was from our tiny town.

The girls really want to go out to play. It's just so hot and I can't give them a bath in the evening.

Yesterday for lunch I made mini pizzas on English muffins: Split an English muffin, top with a little pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. Nuke it for about 15 seconds. You'd thought they'd never eaten the way they gobbled it up. Then they wanted it again for dinner! So, we had it again. Our microwave is getting a workout.

When I went to the firestation to get "flushable water", I asked if they'd heard any word about when this would all be over. The nice guy who toted my water to the van said he'd heard 5-7 more days. The local newspaper says the line is fixed, but it will take 48 hours to see if there are any more breaks and if the fix really fixed it.

I'm thankful that we have electricity, for Wal-Mart's donation of drinking water, for the National Guard personnel and fire department volunteers who are manning the water station, and for my aunt and uncle who let us come over and take a shower every few days!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Win a DVD: Learn to Crochet!

Kathy is giving away an instructional DVD: Learn to Crochet! Go to her blog and leave a comment to be entered to win! Kathy's blogs (she has several) are some of my favorites to visit every day. Kathy and her daughters cook, entertain, quilt, crochet, garden, sew, can, and just about every other domestic pursuit. They're inspiring!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Water, Water EVERYWHERE...and Not a Drop to Drink!

One way to save on your water not to have any water! What I mean is, when your water is totally OUT--you can't use any!

We've had some baaaaaaaaaad storms here in the past few days. Flooding is everywhere. Counties all around us are in states of emergency. People are being evacuated by foot, boat, and helicopter. Businesses are closed. Roads and bridges are being washed away. Portions of the interstate and several highways are closed. All county roads are closed. The National Guard and Coast Guard have been called in to assist.

In the midst of all this, a neighboring town (from where our water comes) has had a water main break. This means we will not have water for THREE OR FOUR DAYS!!! Luckily for us, we heard about this early enough to store some water in buckets and every jug, bottle, and lidded container that we could find. I popped the girls in the bath, too. My brother and his family have been without water or electricty for some time now. They're using water from their pool to flush the toilets! Clever, eh?

So now we are just waiting to see what happens. I'm planning meals that won't require a lot of dishes to cook. (We're grilling dinner later today.) We're using paper plates and plastic utensils as to not have dishes to wash. Church has been cancelled. Looks like everything is closing up until things get back to "normal."

Back to my brother, Steve. Steve said my nephew, Tyler, asked why God made it rain so much. Steve told him it may be to show us how lucky we really are.

He is probably right.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lazy Daisy Hair Clips

I love daisies! We had them at our wedding. I've made the girls dresses out of daisy fabric. I love they way they look bunched in a vase or in a little girl's hand.

When Katie found some daisy flowers at her favorite store (Hobby Lobby!), she begged to buy them. I agreed, just because I had a project in mind for them.

What was a bunch of daisies turned into a dozen or so daisy hair clips! I'm thinking the next batch will have bigger bling in the center. I made some with leaves and some without. The girls love them and they look really cute when they're worn in bunches or by themselves!