Friday, July 22, 2011

Fear Factor--Garden Edition

I'll admit it. I'm afraid of our pressure canner.
It may have something to do with a story my grandmother used to tell about her pressure cooker exploding so she had to clean potatoes off of her ceiling for a week.

Or maybe it's the fear of the unknown.

All I know is that so far I've managed to preserve all kinds of food by freezing. That may come to an end very quickly.

The pressure canner we have used to be Rick's grandma's. It's probably over 50 years old. Last year Rick ordered new gaskets and such to make sure it's all in working order.

But I still haven't tried it.

I blanched and froze green beans this afternoon. I kept saying that I didn't want to heat up the house in this 100+ degree weather. I think I just didn't want green beans all over my ceiling.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Garden Party Dress!

UPDATE! I am entering this dress into the "Sew-vivor" competition at Family Ever After! This is one of my favorite dresses from Carla C, a.k.a. The Scientific Seamstress at You Can Make This! I love how the monogram came out, and it sets the dress off so nicely. Haleigh loves the little beaded charm. It's a favorite all the way 'round!

I made this dress for Haleigh to wear this summer, now that summer is half over! The pattern is one of my favorites and I've made it several times over the years. It also has a sage green gingham peasant top to go under it, but it's been so hot that I let her wear the dress without the top.
Please ignore the cat that is weaving around her legs....!

The top has her monogram in pink. It adds a very special touch!

I made little pleats to gather the skirt to the bodice and for the ruffle at the bottom. I think the pleats are much easier than gathering by pulling a thread.

The pattern also calls for buttons and buttonholes to fasten the over-the-shoulder straps. Not being a fan of making buttonholes, I decided to use mitten clips. I may never make a buttonhole for this pattern again!

The other special detail is a charm with beads that is sewn into the top of the skirt. It's a little surprise detail--I think it's her favorite part of the dress!
The skirt is made of two coordinating fabrics. They're so close in color and design that you can't really see the strip piecing in a photograph. I do love the fabrics though. The dress has four different fabrics and the two skirt fabrics are the only fabrics from the same line. I bought them all at different times then realized they went together when I was searching through my stash looking for fabric to make a summer dress.
I'm linking at Teaching Good Things!