Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been working on several things these past few weeks.

The girls' Easter dresses are cut out and ready to be sewn.

I've made peace with my new serger...had to go back into the shop and have another threading lesson.

Other projects included more crayon rolls for a consignment shop, some new jewelry designs (mostly for autumn--I'm way ahead here), learning to use SewWhatPro for my embroidery machine, experimenting with Kiwi papers for embroidery, working on travel tumblers for embroidery, and working with new ribbons for hairbows.

My embroidery machine is getting a workout.

Nothing is completed, and it's driving me insane! Pictures to follow--as soon as something is finished.


Cyndi Lewis said...

I must have pictures! Finish soon please. I need the inspiration! I was hoping you were hard at work!

Mannas7mom said...

Ok, woman. It's Wed. night before Easter. Are their dresses finished yet? Cough up the pictures, and no one gets heckled. (BIG wink) I'm sure they're cute. BTW, did you make a dress for yourself? Also, how does your family and extended family celebrate Easter?