Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Update!

Our pumpkins have sprouted!

Tomatoes are lined up in kitty litter buckets. This is only part of them. We have nine or ten total.

The lettuce is looking pretty good! It's laying over because the girls were a bit over-zealous with the watering can. They can't wait to have a salad! (Yes, they love salads!)


Cyndi Lewis said...

Looking good! I have yet to start. We just had a frost advisory last night and for the next couple of nights. I have two Costco tomato plants that move from the deck to inside the slider door for the time being. I plan to keep them on the deck this year and see if I can keep whatever nibbled on my tomatoes last year from feasting again this year. Curious... why all the containers rather then in the ground?

Dana said...

We use all the containers because we have slugs! They're impossible to keep off the plants when we plant in the ground. We put the pumpkins in the ground because there's really no way to keep them out of the grass. (We try to grow HUGE pumpkins!) Our squash haven't come up and the slugs may have eaten the seeds. I hate those buggars!