Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tipsy Pots: Leaning Towers of Flowers!

This is right after we planted the flowers. They've filled out now!

I saw a cute planter at a house in a nearby town and thought it was adorable--and about to fall over!

My sister-in-law, Lisa, said she knew the secret to the "tip" and would be happy to make me a set.
I don't have pictures of everything, but here's what you need:
--At least 3 clay pots in various sizes with a center drainhole in the bottom
--Metal rod that's at least six inches taller than your stacked pots
--Drainage material (I used packing peanuts.)
--Potting soil

Our pots were different shades of terra cotta, and I really like red, so we started by painting the pots red with three coats of spray paint.

Push the metal rod down into the soil where you want your tower to sit. This isn't a project you can move around after you finish it. You have to make it where it will live!

Slide the biggest pot down over the rod through the drainage hole. Add a layer of drainage material then fill it almost to the top with potting soil. Be sure to have your kids help you with this part. Mine love getting dirty!
Put the next largest pot over the rod through the drainage hole. (Now you're starting to see how this is going to work, right?) Tip it to one side so that the top edge of the pot is leaning on the rod. You may have to add more soil to the bottom pot to get your second pot to sit where you'd like it. Pack the soil down because when you water your flowers it will cause the soil to settle. Once you have your pots how you'd like them, add your drainage material and potting soil to the second pot.

Repeat this process until you get to your top pot. Plant the flowers and give them a good soaking of water.

Watering this tower can be a bit challenging in the beginning. The soil will settle and the water will run out of the pots, taking some dirt with it. As long as you filled the pots with soil to begin with, they'll be fine. The flowers will "spill" over the sides when they start to grow.

Next year I'm planning a larger tower using bigger pots and more of them! They're definitely unique. In fact, I've seen two cars stop and take a picture of them in our front yard!


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Kimberly said...

This is really cute. I'd make one but i accidentally kill plants, all the time. :) Maybe I'll try it anyway.

Thanks for checking out my blog today and for leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked the photo tiles!