Friday, June 3, 2011

BLT Anyone?!?

We're still having water issues in the garden. More rain has turned it to mud again. Here are a few photos to show you how it's progressing!

Here are the green beans and Uncle Gene beans.
They seem to be doing ok in spite of all the water.

Yeah, those tomatoes probably aren't going to make it. We have a few to try and replant, but it's just too muddy to get in there right now.

The lettuce and radishes are doing really well!
Rick thinned the radishes and we harvested our first crop of lettuce this week.

After a little bit of instruction, Brandie did a great job with the lettuce!
(I think she has a green thumb!)
She did 95% of this harvest on her own!
Way to go, Brand!

Pay no attention to her mis-matched ensemble. She picked out her own wardrobe today. :-)

Haleigh wanted to give it a try. She did a great job, too!

Haleigh's favorite part? EATING IT!!!
All it needed was some bacon, tomato, and toast. lol

We shared our lettuce with a my mom and dad, my sister's family, and a family from church. We'll probably be cutting more in a few days. You just can't beat something you've grown yourself!

I'll be linking this post to She Considers. Be sure to stop by Olivia's blog to see how everyone else's garden is coming along!


Hansberry Clan said...

How cute! (the lettuce eater).
Do you have any trouble with leaf minors? I've always been a little scared of eating my own lettuce, haha. Of course I've never gotten mine started soon enough for them to survive anyway!

Perhaps you could do a container tomato. They do really well that the half barrels or any large container.

Keep up the good work...your kids look they they are having a great time mud or no mud. :)

Dana said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I think our little lettuce eater is especially cute too!

I've never even heard of a leaf minor. I'll have to look it up. Our biggest problem is slugs.

We've done container tomatoes in the past and they've done ok. We ended up putting out 40 tomatoe plants and there's no way we could put that many in containers. It's dried out a bit now and Rick says we've only really lost a few. :-)

Your garden is looking good also! Fun, isn't it?

Hansberry Clan said...

Leaf miners are worms or something that bury into the leaves themselves. Kinda gross :)

hehe..yeah, I can see that would be a lot of tomatoes to put into containers. Maybe you could just pamper a couple if it doesn't look like it'll work out, lol.

Glad things are looking up for you :)