Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Bows for Club 10 Gymnasts

The gymnasts at Club 10 in Sullivan, Indiana got new leotards and warm-ups this year. That means new bows for everyone! I matched the leo's colors and made some samples. These are what they chose. I love the new fatter,  blocky style that everyone seems to be going with this year!

The two smaller bows are for the Level II gymnasts who have to do a forward roll on the balance beam--meaning they can't have one ponytail in the center. These piggy bows are made with metallic fabric/ribbon that perfectly matches. I love the rhinestones in the center!

The Level III gymnasts aren't forward-rolling on the beam, so they wear one ponytail. These bows are made with 2.25" wide metallic fabric/ribbon also. They each have 18 hand-set rhinestones, and rhinestones in the center. They're very, very stiff and won't move at all--even with all the tumbling!

Their bows for their cheerleaders will be finished in the next few weeks. They're a little labor-intensive, but will be worth it in the end1

Need bows for your gymnasts or cheerleaders? I'd love to make them for you!


Mary said...

Nice job, Dana. I am sure Tanna Jo and the girls love them.

No cheerleaders here. Sorry. I can't even get girls in the next generation. First grand is a boy.

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