Monday, September 3, 2007

Soda? Coke? Pop? .....Other???

This is by far the most interesting map of the United States I've seen in a L-O-N-G time. (At our home, states are mostly referred to as a "red or blue" state. Politically speaking, of course.)

So, what do YOU call a carbonated beverage? Is it a coke? A soda? Pop?

According to the map, my county in Indiana goes by "pop". I think that's what we always called it when I was growing up, so it makes sense to me.

(By the way, my dad always drank Pepsi, but we called it "pop". We kids got one glass a week while we ate a bowl of popcorn and watched The Carol Burnett Show. ....Memories... But I digress...)

Somewhere along the line I started calling it "soda". I think it happened during my short stint as a nanny in New Jersey. Look at New Jersey....the entire state thinks it's "soda".

I noticed there is category for "other", and there are a lot of "other"s in places like North Carolina. What is "other"? Someone from a bright green county please enlighten me!

How does the map match up with what you say at your home? Is it a coke? A soda? Pop? Other?

I'm off to consider other earth- and mind-shattering what to make for dinner.


Cyndi Lewis said...

How interesting! I grew up outside Seattle, WA and used "Pop" then when my husband's job moved us to Texas I quickly switched to "soda" as everyone looks at you like you have multiple heads if you order a "pop". Most Texans do use "coke" but with all the choices out there I found "soda" the better option. Now that we've moved back north (Michigan) "pop" is the norm but I can't go back to it. "Soda" is my norm now and thus my children's too.

Kim said...

We call it soda. As for what to have for dinner, we had goat patties, oven roasted potatoes, and acorn squash.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...hmmm. We definately called 'em coke. Is coke a southern thing? It sure looks that way on the map!

you ok?

Are you going to the civil war days? We're planning to on Sun because of the b-day. I guess you have one of those too!!

We are having a little cook out to celebrate both kids b-days. We kinda ran out of time for H's party.
If you don't have other plans, it would be great to see you!

Katie said...

Just found your blog from your comment on the Homespun Heart and thought I would chime in - hope that's OK!

I always called it pop growing up and my parents were even avid Coke drinkers. We just always called it pop though! (I live in the frozen tundra called Wisconsin.) I love questions like this that deal with different dialects etc right in our old USofA! Here's another one - when you sell things at your residence that you want to get rid of for a few extra bucks - do you call it a "garage sale"? a "rummage"? a "tag sale"? a "yard sale"? Everyone around here calls it a garage sale - that's even how it listed as a category in the classifieds! :-) Thanks for the fun question.

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...


We are from upstate New York, we called it soda. We now in live in Alabama, it is Coke here.

Another thing here in the south...
In New York we call them Alabama we call them tennis shoes.

I moved here when I was in 9th grade...needless to say I had a lot to learn!