Monday, December 3, 2007

First Craft Show!

I did my very first craft show last Saturday! My booth featured woven headbands, all sorts of hairbows and clippies, and "Picasso Pockets" that I blogged about here.

My dad was kind enough to come out in the wee hours of the morning to help me get everything into the gymnasium. Set-up for this took longer than I thought it would. Live and learn.

Hair accessories sold well, but the Picasso Pockets were, by far, the best sellers! I'm scheduled to do another show this weekend. I'm hoping it goes as well!


Rebecca said...

CONGRATULATIONS on a successful show! That is always exciting to do well the first time. I imagine those Picaso pockets sold well-they are a FABULOUS idea!

I have enjoyed doing many a craft show in my time, but since we moved away from family-I have no babysitters for those craft show days. Needless to say, I haven't done one in a while.

Sounds like you'll be busy restocking your Picaso pockets!

Cyndi Lewis said...

I was wondering why you had been so silent on your blog! Preparing for your first craft show is a big thing. Glad to hear you did well. I think your set up looked fantastic.

Melissa said...

Way to go! I'm a bit surprised it was your first! :) I keep forgetting to tell you I saw Becky at Rene's twins' dedication. It was such a shock to see her--I didn't even recognize her at first! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Hope to talk to you soon!

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

YHAAA!!!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by your blog because I saw the link on moneysavingmom... you make the cutest things! I really like the layout of your blog too- so simple and easy to read!

Ritz said...

Hey hun! I remember when you first posted your set up pics on the groups. They are awesome. Question though, what size are the PVC pipes? I was looking on the Lowe's website and couldn't find any bigger than 4" around. Thanks!

Dana said...

Hi, Ritz!
The pipes are the 4" pipes you found at Lowe's. Our local hardware store had them and cut them to size for me for free. My dad glued them together for me and made little braces out of 2x4s (I think) so they won't fall over. The heights are staggered: one is 6" tall, one is 12" tall, and the last is 18" tall. They were 24" long, plus the elbows, making the whole thing about 36" long. I sewed a loose sleeve out of cheap black fabric. I just put the sleeve on the pipes after I get to the show and put the headbands around the pipes. This way, the fabric is washable and I could change the color if I wanted. Let me know if you need a photo of them close up or without the sleeves on them.


Cindy Dixon said...

Hi, just found your blog as i was looking on here for ideas of how to display my hairbows and things for my 1st craft show! I was just wondering what you used to make your hairbow display boards out of and how you did them? Any advice would be greatly apprecitiated!!!

Dana said...

Hi, Cindy!

The hairbow display board was made from 3 pieces of plywood. My dad fixed them together with piano hinges from Lowe's. I covered them with black fabric and stapled it to the back. I then took black ribbon (2.25" satin) and stapled a pieces to the back at the top, brought them down the front, and stapled them to the back at the bottom. The bows just clip on the ribbons. I'm not sure where you live, but I'm not using it any longer (I bought spinning racks). It wouldn't be cost effective to mail it, but I'd make you a great deal on it if you want to come and get it! :-)