Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have a Heart

Five years ago today I was in the hospital.

I'd had a heart attack.

I was only 38 years old. We'd been married just over one year. I had gone back to school and we were hoping for a baby in the near future. It just wasn't meant to be.

On December 17th, 2002, I had cardiac bypass surgery. Five vessels on my heart were replaced with five from my legs. After spending 11 days in the hospital, I got home at around midnight on December 23rd--just in time for Christmas.

Please know that the signs and symptoms for a heart attack in women are not the same as for men. I had a tight feeling in my neck and chin. I took an aspirin before going to the hospital and it probably saved my life according to my cardiologist.

After a long recovery and several weeks of cardiac rehabilitation, I'm almost good as new. Well, in most ways I'm now better than new! There are a lot of people walking around with clogged arteries who have no idea. At least mine have been fixed.

Please, please, please see a doctor if you have a family history of heart problems, suspect you may be having a heart attack or stroke, or have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The life you save will be your own!


Melissa said...

Boy! Do I remember that call! One I hope to never get again about anyone!!! All our prayers were heard and now you have your babies! :) God's plans def. aren't ours--but so much better!

Heart of Wisdom said...

Happy Anniversary? Well, it is happy that you are here! You know I had open heart bypass too. Funny how you remember the date. I have trouble with my marriage anniversary but I recall my surgery date in a sec. :)

Do you EVER get over freaking out over a twinge in thew chest? I sure haven't. Scary. But I use it as a prayer reminder.

Thanks for sharing. I hear of soooo many young women with heart problems--I think it today's pace and stress.


Dana said...


Yes, you do get over freaking out over twinges. Or, I did. I finally got to the place where I decided that God knew about the twinges (I kept reminding him...) and if He decided to take me home via one of the twinges, then that was ok with me. I decided that I'd been given a second chance and I was going to live my life according to God's plan and if that plan meant me going out, then that was part of the plan and God would use it for His glory. That was ok with me! I was more afraid of the pain than I was of dying. Weird, eh?

I hope you are doing well now. Drop me a line anytime you have a question or want to chat!