Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Sewing Thread

There is thread that's virtually invisible! It's clear nylon thread and it's with the other threads wherever it is you go to buy thread. If you sew, it could save you bizillions of dollars in thread because you can go from sewing a dark fabric to a light fabric and not have to change threads at all. It matches everything!

Look at the photo above. The machine is threaded with nylon thread and it's hard to see in the photo. It almost feels like a fine hair, if that makes any sense.

In this photo, you can barely see where it's coming off the spool. Actually, it look like white thread when it's on the spool--white thread with a sheen.

In this photo, you can see where I serged the edge with white, but it's hard to see the invisible stitching about 3/8" to the left of the serge.

You can iron over invisible thread just as you would any other thread. It does have a small amount of stretch to it so you need to go as slow as possible when you're winding your bobbins to minimize this. (I haven't found pre-wound bobbins with nylon thread yet.) I thought the ends of it may feel "itchy" when they stick out, but, so far, we haven't been able to feel them at all!

Saving money on thread--saving time by not having to switch thread--that Works for Me!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love this idea! Thank you for sharing this. I spend wayyyyy too much money on thread.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Oh my goodness, I have often wished for such a thing. God Bless your little pea pickin heart!

Thanks for sharing,

Ann'Re @ Home said...

Ooooooh...what a neat idea! I will need to try that out! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Idea! Thanks for the tip!

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

Cyndi Lewis said...

Awesome Dana! So simple but yet I never thought of it. I hate having to change thread and bobbins. One thread for all sounds heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to introduce you to my sewing machine next time you are over. I am definitely going to adopt this idea. Next time I can be trusted near Joanne Fabrics. LOL

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The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! Best tip ever! I was having to gather a million (slight exaggeration) layers of fabric and the all-purpose thread I was using kept snapping. Very frustrating!!! I remembered this post, went to the grocery store (at 2:30am, no less!) and bought some nylon thread, and the gathering went so quickly and smoothly!

(So you see, all those late nights spent reading blogs for hours upon end are actually worthwhile!)

I am still working feverishly on this dress, but in a couple of days I will post a link to your blog telling everyone how you saved my sewing project!

Thanks again!!!!!