Sunday, June 8, 2008

Water, Water EVERYWHERE...and Not a Drop to Drink!

One way to save on your water not to have any water! What I mean is, when your water is totally OUT--you can't use any!

We've had some baaaaaaaaaad storms here in the past few days. Flooding is everywhere. Counties all around us are in states of emergency. People are being evacuated by foot, boat, and helicopter. Businesses are closed. Roads and bridges are being washed away. Portions of the interstate and several highways are closed. All county roads are closed. The National Guard and Coast Guard have been called in to assist.

In the midst of all this, a neighboring town (from where our water comes) has had a water main break. This means we will not have water for THREE OR FOUR DAYS!!! Luckily for us, we heard about this early enough to store some water in buckets and every jug, bottle, and lidded container that we could find. I popped the girls in the bath, too. My brother and his family have been without water or electricty for some time now. They're using water from their pool to flush the toilets! Clever, eh?

So now we are just waiting to see what happens. I'm planning meals that won't require a lot of dishes to cook. (We're grilling dinner later today.) We're using paper plates and plastic utensils as to not have dishes to wash. Church has been cancelled. Looks like everything is closing up until things get back to "normal."

Back to my brother, Steve. Steve said my nephew, Tyler, asked why God made it rain so much. Steve told him it may be to show us how lucky we really are.

He is probably right.


Cyndi Lewis said...

Hey Dana,
Hang in there! I'm sorry that you have no water- for an extended period of time. I'm very glad you were able to get wind of the outage though and stock some up. We'll be praying for you. It's an adventure for a couple of days but after a few more... yuck.

We've had some flooding of the low areas but nothing too bad in my immediate area. At least nothing life altering- yet. I'm watching the radar and it looks like more is hitting your area and coming towards us in the next few hours. Good times! We've been lucky, the only inconvience for us was a power outage that lasted around 6 minutes. Keep me updated!

Anonymous said...

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