Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday's weather was perfect for a trip to the zoo!
The girls were so excited...even if you can't tell it from this photo.

The polar bears are always entertaining. I guess this one was tired of being in the limelight. He was floating in the water with his chin resting on a rock.

Did you know that you can pet a shark? You can! They swim right up to you and you pet them with two fingers on their backs. Some of them would stand "upright" in the water (like the dolphins do). When they first swim up to you, it's hard to put your hand into the water. I kept hearing the theme to "Jaws" in my mind....

I love this photo of the girls watching the walrus exhibit.

They are very graceful under the water.

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Melissa said...

Yeah. We just sat around yesterday. Nothing to do...No one to see... Just sat here...