Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gifts from the Garden

In the spring the girls and I planted some wildflowers and sunflowers in a back corner of the yard.

All we grew were WEEDS!

Or so we thought.

We went to clear out the corner this past week and found itsy bitsy cherry tomatoes! The picture shows four, but there were more than that....but....we ate them.

Since then, Rick and the girls have found several more. We're not sure how the seeds got there, but we're glad we found them!


Melissa said...

We planted 1 Sweet100 and got over 1000 tiny tomatoes! The kids have loved them, till they are sick of them! :)

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

That's neat! We have a grape tomato plat that popped up across the road in the weeds.

We had a tornado this past spring. This summer there were sunflowers popping up all over the place, in the ditches, road sides...simply amazing!