Sunday, December 28, 2008

NKOTB--New Kat on the Block

If you read the title and thought "New Kids on the Block" must have lived as a teenager in the '90s!
Anyway, we have a new "kat" on the block--Mikey. He adopted Katie earlier this fall. We were having the gutters replaced on the house and this kitten appeared. We thought he came with the work crew (and maybe he did). He was jumping off the house onto them, running in between their feet, and being a general nuisance. When the crew left, the kitten stayed.
The rest is history.

He would let Katie carry him around all over the place.

He was worming his way into our house, and our hearts.I started calling him "Mikey"--not sure why--but it fits him!

Meike thinks she's his momma and he's OK with that!


Emma said...

Hey Mrs. Dana,
What a beautiful cat!!
My oldest "Dixie" does that with "Kara". LOL. I LOVE the cat.
~ Emma

binksmommy said...

Oh wow.... What a cutie pie :) I love kitties :)