Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boutique Burp Cloths--Who Knew Burping Could Be So Stylish?!?

I've been sewing up some cute burp cloths for baby gifts. Some were to coordinate with the blanket and taggie that I made for Miss Leah.

I was kind of "winging it" when it came to putting these together so there aren't concrete directions--rather suggestions of ways to get started making your own.
This one used a yellow diaper from Gerber. They're a little extra in price, but make a cute burp cloth.

First you start with a regular, pre-folded, cloth diaper. I like the larger size, just because they're easier to fold and protect more shirt in the shoulder area. HOWEVER...I recently discovered something that LOOKS like prefolded diapers, it even SAYS it's diapers.....BUT it's in the auto department near the car wax!

Yep! It's diapers for detailing your car!

I found these at Target for just over $7 for 6 of them.That was less than the comparable baby diaper. When I pre-washed them, they shrank less and stayed more square--less wonky out of the dryer. I like that!

So, get a diaper, or get something to detail your car, but decide on what you want to use for your "base". You can even use flannel or any other soft fabric. I like the diapers because they are absorbant--that's what they're made for!

So, measure the the thicker area of the diaper--the part where it has the most layers. Mine was about 5x14". Cut a piece of your center fabric (I like to use thinner, soft towels; microfiber towels; flannel; or minky) about one inch larger, so 6x15" in my case. Turn under about 1/2" on the long side and give it a quick press. Center it over the thick part of the diaper and stitch it down. Use a straight stitch. Use a zig-zag. Use whatever you like. It will be fine. Trust me on this!

Now you have about 1/2" overhang at the top and to bottom. At the top, cut your center fabric even with the diaper and just give it a quick zig-zag to attach it.

At the bottom I like to add a little extra detail, just to make it all so special.

Cut a piece of coordinating cotton that's 1" longer than the width of your diaper by about 6". In my case, the diaper was 14" wide, so my fabric was 6x15".

Also cut a piece of an accent fabric that's the same width (15" for me) by about 2". This will be the little strip at the top of the big strip. Are you with me so far? (Sorry I don't have a photo of each step!)

(On a separate note, I like to make strips of various lengths and widths just to keep on hand. Some I run through the ruffler, and some I just fold in half and press. I hang them all over a hanger and keep nearby so I'm not constantly stopping to cut and/or ruffle pieces for accents.)

So, center the long side of the fabric over the bottom of the diaper with the wrong sides together. Sew about 1/2" from the edge, across the bottom.

Flip the fabric to the right side. Now your right sides should both be facing out!

Sewing the accent fabric to the main fabric at the bottom.

Line up the accent strip with the coordinating strip.
Using 1/4" seam allowance, attach the accent strip. Turn the seam allowance to the wrong side and press.

Now you have a nice little edging at the bottom of the burp cloth, but you need to sew it down!

Press the strips up towards the center fabric on the front.

On the left and the right edges, turn under 1/4" and sew close to the edge, tacking it down. Do the same across the accent fabrics. You can stitch them both down, or just one. Stitch in the ditch, or do a topstitch.

The choice is up to you!

Sewing down the sides, before going across the top of the accent fabrics.

Ta-Da! This one is finished!

Next up: Baby burp cloth with a minky center!

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