Monday, August 16, 2010

She's Been At It Again!

It's a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon and Brandie wants to "make something". I know that creative itch.

A coloring book and crayons just aren't making it.

I had a fleece remnant, so we made two babydoll blankets out of it: One for her, and one for Haleigh.
Haleigh wanted her's left fringed, but Brandie did knots on the one for her dolly.

I was really proud of her! Once she started doing the ties, I thought she'd get bored and not want to finish. But, finish she did--in about 15 minutes!


Cyndi Lewis said...

My oldest daughter loves making fleece blankets for people. She made one for our youngest when Taylor was born and it quickly became "THE" blanket. Taylor doesn't go anywhere without it and on a shopping trip to the DH's workplace a co-worker saw it and commissioned a blanket for her little one. My daughter was so thrilled to earn money for doing something she loves.

Dana said...

I'm thinking she'll eventually make something we can list on Etsy. Right now she's so attached to everything she makes! Once she earns a little money, I think all that will change. :-)