Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh, the Expo!

I spent today at the American Sewing Guild Expo that was held in Indianapolis! What a great, informatinve time!

First of all, I got to see the Babylock Enterprise in action. Wow! I think it was the highlight of my day! The MSRP on this 10-needle machine is $15,000.00. Yep, you read that right! HOWEVER, it IS on sale for $12,999.00. That's $13,000 in my book. A very cool embroidery machine nonetheless. Hope to try one out soon!

I'd love to buy each and every embroidery CD from Kathy Harrison at Custom Keepsakes! She does Victoran lace and embroidery, along with in-the-hoop clothing patterns for dolls and children. All of her work is exquisite! I can see me working on something like this every single day. The heirloom baby christening/dedication gowns are stunning! The photos do not do them justice.

I already have pattern drafting software from Wild Ginger. However, it's great to have a fact to put with a product. Mariette is a joy to talk with and really knows her stuff. I can forsee working with her Users Groups and really using this software to it's potential!

The class called "Running with Scissors" by Pam Damour was very informative, yet entertaining! She knows so much about the home decor business that she's written a book and has pattented several templates and rulers. I should have bought her book while I was there. Guess I'll have to order it online! I'd never even heard of buttonhole scissors, not to mention that I'd never tried them out! She's a wealth of information that isn't to be missed.

I met many interesting people, learned many new techniques, and saw many interesting new products. If they have this again next year, I'm definitely going! Save me a spot! 


Cyndi Lewis said...

$15,000???? Really???? Who can justify such an expense? Wow! Sorry, but that is a house down payment. Does it do the dishes too? LOL! Glad you had fun though. It sounds like a wonderful show.

Dana said...

It's a professional machine for people who make their living doing embroidery. I actually get to use one of these occasionally!

To me, $15,000 is a good new-to-us van.

And, yes! I had a great time! Want to meet me there next year? :-) MI isn't that far, ya know!

Cyndi Lewis said...

Oh, wouldn't that be fun. An expo like that would scare my hubby though. He'd only let me go if I didn't have a way to spend extra money once I'm there. I'm still amazed at a $15,000 machine. I'm just thinking of the volume of work one would have to do to justify the expense even in a viable business.

Dana said...

The way to not spend extra money is to not take any with you! :-) That's what I did!

I do know of someone who, I'm quite sure, made a professional machine pay for itself in a year or so. It can be done. Not by me, however.

Mary said...

I won't mention what I have invested in machines since my children started leaving home. My husband is a terrible enabler.

He thinks I should go into business but I just am not fast enough.

I'm glad you enjoyed your experience, Dana. I really wanted to go but I was working.

Dana said...

I still want to see your quilter, Mary! Maybe next year's schedule will be better and we can go up there together. It was great!