Sunday, June 10, 2007

Christmas 365

If you've read very many posts on this blog, you may have realized that I work on Christmas stuff year 'round. Someone on a Christmas Yahoo! group that I belong to recently posted this poem. I think it sums up my reasoning for my Christmas "passion"!

I Keep a Part of Christmas

I keep a part of Christmas,
For it helps to add a glow
To the January darkness
And the February snow.
If March is cold and blustery
And though April brings us rain,
The peace and warmth of Christmas
With its happiness remain.

I keep a part of Christmas
Through the summer hot and dry,
Through the soft bright days of Junetime
And the heat of mid-July.
Through the harvest of September
and October's golden days
In the city's haste and hurry
And the summer quiet ways.

Yes, I keep a part of Christmas
With its beauty soft and rare.
I can hear the Christmas music
All about me, everywhere.
Matters not the time or season
There is beauty to impart
If forever I remember
To keep Christmas in my heart.

There's a beauty when its Christmas.
All the world is different then.
There's no place for petty hatred
In the hearts and minds of men.
That is why my heart is happy
And my mind can hold a dream.
For I keep a part of Christmas
with its peace and joy supreme.

--Garnett Ann Schultz
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