Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hairbow Heaven

I'm in Hairbow Heaven!

Via eBay, I recently found out there's a whole culture of people who make hairbows! I have a "girly girl" with long hair so hairbows are right up my alley. I found my first set of free directions at Girly Things. I later bought a CD set from The Ribbon Retreat.

These were all started this afternoon. Addictive, I tell you! Now Miss Katie will need a bow for each outfit! The pink/black/white bow with the matching socks will go with a dress I'm making for her. Miss Audrey won't be left out. Although she doesn't have much hair, I've discovered there are ways to use bows anyway. I'll start on some for her soon.


Angie said...

Thanks for linking to the Girly Things site! I'm glad you did, because I am enjoying your blog overall.

Cammye said...

Hi hon! Girl...you and me..if I lived close to you I'd be at your back door tonight with a pot of coffee and my scrap bag. I just love all your stuff for your girly girl. My dd was a girly girl too. She is 17 now. She is just beginning to let me make her stuff again. My two sons are 9&7. They are not to keen on wearing stuff I make except pajama bottoms...theyre comfy so their ok. Anyway, I love your energy! You have the same kind of energy that drives my husband crazy. We gotta be friends!

tricia said...

Hi, Thanks for lettimg me read up on your hairbows. I am actually bidding on some (I lost a bid yesterday). They are so cute but I do have a question. Do you custome make any bows? I like you have a little girl with long hair and love putting bows in it but I am not too good at making the hairbows. I've tried but it is just too hard for me. Anyway, thanks for the info.!