Monday, May 19, 2008

Botany 101, Continued

We planted two little tomato plants last week. We're considering this part of Botany 101. I don't know how many tomatoes we'll actually get from just two plants, but I'm sure the girls will love picking them, and then eating them.

I've also tried to pretty up a corner of the back yard. Wind funnels back there and trash (from who knows where--ok, the elderly lady who lives next door keeps dumping stuff there) accumulates. We raked it all up, dug up all kinds of gunk, raked some more, and planted sunflowers and wildflowers. Lining it with bricks has greatly decreased the debris that accumulates. In fact, we've had no more to gather up!

The "trash" has yielded one plus though: The stuff had mulched into a very rich, dark soil. We could probably grow just about anything there! I'll post an update when it doesn't look like it's all weeds.

Here are the sprouts of flowers we planted at the back of the house. Lining the area with bricks helps keep little feet off the plants!

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Cyndi Lewis said...

Best wishes on your tomatoes! I just got mine killed by a frost I didn't expect. Sigh.