Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh...It's a Pony-O!

Miss Katie sporting her new Pony-O that matches her dress for church.

The next item to go into my Etsy shoppe...the Pony-O!

Miss Audrey doesn't have enough hair for a Pony-O, but she loves the colors!

A Pony-O is a hair elastic that has ribbons fixed to it--like streamers. In fact, I've seen these called Pony Streamers or even Pony Screamers! Screamers sound a bit frightening to me, so I'll just stick with a Pony-O.

These were made to match local school colors.

The Pony-O is great for anyone who wears a ponytail. It adds a bit of umph and color to an otherwise, well, boring ponytail. The ribbons hang down about six inches on each side, but can be customized to any length you'd like. Just about any color is also available. These would be great for a cheerleading squad or a dance team! They can be also be customized to go with any school color imaginable.

The ribbons are hand-sewn to the elastic, and all ribbon ends are sealed to prevent fraying.

Leave a comment if you'd like more information before I get them listed in my shop!


Cyndi Lewis said...

Cute! I would think these would sell really well! Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Bethany loves hers!