Friday, August 17, 2007


I haven't done any posting for over a week!

I've been recovering from my second knee surgery. It wasn't bad in the beginning, then it had to be drained last week. There is just one word for that--PAINFUL!

Since then, I've been on pain medication--and I'm allergic to it. In fact, I've somehow become allergic to all prescription pain medications. So, instead of NOT taking anything, I take it with two benadryl. Know what happens when you take benadryl with a pain medication??? You sleep. You keep sleeping....then you sleep some more.

This sleeping has my body's internal time clock all messed up. Now my days and nights are confused. So, I sleep all day, then I can't sleep at night! I spend all night trying to go back to sleep and doing quiet, non-brain-stimulating things. For me, blogging is VERY brain stimulating. Hence, no posts. (Please, someone comment and say you noticed I hadn't been posting!!!)

Now it's time to go listen to some quiet music, read a little, tend to the girls when they awake during the night, play with the kitties, weave some headbands (I can to this in my sleep now.)....


Cyndi L. said...

I just had knee surgery last month. I know what you are going through. Stay tough. I'm almost recovered now. The worst part for me was having to retrain my brain to sleep with out any medication and on a normal nightly schedule.

Paula said...

I NOTICED!!! I just know that life gets busy and sometimes we don't post. I am sorry to hear about your pain. I LOVE your blog (although I have already said that once) and I FREQUENTLY make reference to you on mine when you post. :) I MISS YOUR POSTS! But take care of yourself first! And thank you for giving us permission to let you know we missed you. The reason I haven't said anything before now is because some women get offended when you say "I have missed your posts!" Weird, huh? But it has happened to me (and others) before. Get well soon and when you do, I will be waiting for all those wonderful posts! :D

Melissa said...

Would you cut it out!?! You handle so much more than most of us could. It's good for you to rest for a change! Hang in there. Call when you can.

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

I did notice that you have been pretty quiet. Bless your heart...well bless your knee!

btw...I wanted to tell you that our prodigal has come, RETENTIVE! I will post about that next week. Thank you for your prayers, you are precious!

Kim said...

You stopped posting? Huh. Whoo knew? ;)