Friday, August 3, 2007

It's a Boy!

After adopting Roxanne a few weeks ago, we decided to bring Vinnie home too. He's a real sweetheart and has adjusted very well! He like's to sleep in "Rick's chair" and is a real cuddler. Fuzzy still hisses at him occasionally, but doesn't put much effort into it any more. Vinnie just doesn't care! His "real" name was Sven, but the girls were having problems pronouncing it and kept calling him "Fin". It was somehow changed to Vinnie and it seems to fit him well.

I would say we are done adopting kittes...however...there are two kittens at the rescue who are at the least, blind in one eye. They are siblings from the same litter and are 4-5 weeks old. While the last thing we need is two more furbabies, we don't want to see them separated. They may be coming here once they are weaned.

Kids and kitties...I just can't resist!

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