Sunday, August 5, 2007

WARNING: Addiction Possibility Ahead!

WARNING: Making this project could become addictive!

Now that I have the legal stuff out of the way, take a look at this beaded headband I made today! The instructions came from The Ribbon Retreat.

Using beads I already had was my first challenge. I had a bunch leftover from a project I did last year so they soon became scattered all over the dining room table. Of course, the girls were FASCINATED by all the pretty little beads and wanted so much to "help" momma!

The second challenge was working with jewelry findings. I had no idea what a crimp bead was nor how wire is gauged. Once that was figured out, the next part was fun.

Making this first headband took about 35 minutes with a few interruptions. The next one should be faster. The instructions say the materials cost $12-$16 per headband. The main cost would be the glass beads they recommend. The beads I used were plastic and less expensive.

I could see making one of these to match each of Katie's dresses. Not to be forgotten, Audrey could wear it as a necklace. You could make one tiara-style and put ribbons hanging down the back. Every little princess would love having this for dress-up time.


Melissa said...

You're nuts girlfriend! I still haven't finished my aprons...what was I thinking? :(

Melissa said...

BTW... Happy Birthday before I forget!!! Heeheehee :)

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

That is just beautiful Dana!