Monday, February 11, 2008

EBay Listing...and, no, it's not mine!

Ebay is raising fees. Well, technically, they're lowering insertion fees, while upping the final value fees. This means they get more money from the sellers, while trying to seem like they're charging less.

Many people, myself included, who sell handmade items on eBay are planning a boycott from February 18-25. I know, it will be a drop in eBay's bucket, but at least we can say we tried to do something.

Here's a link to an eBay listing that tells all about it!

If you buy or sell on eBay, please think about joining the boycot.

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Cyndi Lewis said...

More power to you! I don't sell on e-bay and don't buy very often but I support the artists and business people out there. It is fine for e-bay to raise prices but not in disguise of lowering them. Big business needs to stop squeezing the little guy.