Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vintage Patterns Made New

Am I the only person who thinks that low-rise pants are a bad idea for kids (not to mention adults)? Katie is very tall for her age, and has virtually no waistline. Every pair of pants fall down on her hips, even when the waist is tight enough. You can see her behind when she's playing and it looks like she's a wanna-be rapper.

I had a thought about vintage patterns. We didn't wear low-rise pants when I was a child, so I looked and easily found a pattern on eBay. The date was 1977.

Now for some fabric..... I love to re-purpose items, and that's how a tablecloth from the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart became a pair of children's pants. It's a nice denim fabric--not too heavy, and not too thin. I think it was around $3 for the HUGH tablecloth so I'm sure I'll be able to get some more items from it.

Back to the pants. The waist actually comes up to her waistline. They aren't skin-tight like a lot of jeans are these days. (I don't like skin-tight for adults, not to mention for little girls.) Katie says they're very comfortable.

We may be switching to all dresses in the near future. Until that happens, this will be the pattern I use for Miss Katie's pants.


Between the Trees said...

Growing boy...small boxes=less bowls per box. Husband and son eat 2/ea + daughter...that's pretty much a full box. You see why that had to change! :)

Cyndi Lewis said...

Hear, Hear Dana!

While little butts can be cute. I don't want to look at them all day. I especially don't want to see anything remotely imitating a plumber on any of my children. I'm slowly trying to add more dresses and skirts into my girls wardrobes and being very choosy on pants. Our family motto, "Just say no to crack!"