Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Modern Art"

Watercolor paper: $5.00 with coupon at Hobby Lobby

Paint brushes: $3.00

Frames with mats: $3.00 each from Wally World

Modern art masterpieces painted by your own little Picassos:


I took a painting class in November where we sort of learned to do modern art. Not being a fan of modern art myself, I thought this might just broaden my horizons. It did.
At the class, we listened to different musics, played with paint and different ways of applying it: brushes, feathers, Barbie shoes (Yes, Barbie shoes! It worked great!), string, and so on. The paper was about 9"x12" but when the papers were dry, we fiddled with the mats and just matted part of our painting. That way if you just liked PART of it, it still worked out great!
That's exactly what I did with the girls. I gave them larger pieces of paper, tempera paints, brushes, water, and so on, and let them have at it! They had the best time! (I wish I'd taken pictures of them actually painting the pictures. Maybe next time.)
After the papers were dry, I matted just part of the paper, making it very interesting. It looks like modern art that you'd pay a lot of money for in a gallery.
Their grandparents were here yesterday and were very impressed with the paintings. We'll have to do this again soon for Mother's and Father's Day gifts.
Note: For some reason, Blogger is putting all of my paragraphs together in one big blob. I have no idea why, and can't seem to get it fixed. I apologize if it's hard to read. I'll try again to fix it later today.


Between the Trees said...

Great idea! And the pictures came out so nice. I'll have to get on this.

As for the paragraph thing, go to html when you are writing and enter a <> with no ..'s though, at the end of each paragraph. That should help.

Cyndi Lewis said...

Beautiful! Those paintings are great. Oh, to have 1/2 your family's artistic talent.