Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can You See Me Now?

I'll admit it: I have this strange fascination with camouflage. I love it all...greens, browns, even pinks! I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame....well, maybe it's not that bad!

Before Christmas I made some camo koozies in browns and greens with hunter orange embroidery that say "Can You See Me Now?"--a take-off on the infamous cell phone commercials. When I saw some little camo sweatshirts at WallyWorld, I just KNEW they needed embroidery! So, some were added to the stash.

For the record, children's sweatshirts are harder to machine embroider than they look. I'll think twice before doing something like this again. On the other hand, I think they're really cute!


Anonymous said...

Dana, I found your blog by accident and recognized you. I enjoyed looking around at it and I enjoyed talking to you at JoAnn's on "Black Friday".

I am afraid I am not very good at stash busting right now but I sure am good at stash building!

I could have warned you about children's sweatshirts. Get some heavy duty binder clips to help hold the excess fabric out of the way.


p.s. Do you take portraits? I still need to get my youngest's senior pics done

Cyndi Lewis said...

Hey Dana,
I know long time no comment. Those sweatshirts are really cute. My four year old has a camo t-shirt that says "You Can't See Me". We always tease her when she wears it. We say things like "Who's talking to me? I can't see anyone."

Great idea to bust the stash. I have created another stash building monster in my 12 year old daughter. She has been taking sewing classes since this summer and already has a good stash going. Every time she starts a new project and talks about needing to buy fabric I have to try to get her to remember her stash.


Julie From Inmates said...

Double cute. We have lots of camo around here. McDaddy's Guard closet is full of it and our boys love to wear their "guard clothes."