Friday, January 2, 2009

Slashing the Stash--Step One

Ok, normally in this type of situation would be to admit you have a higher "higher power" that you have a problem. I'll start--"God I have a problem hoarding fabric for use "some day". Please help me to realize that you will provide everything for us in due time. I need to let go of my stash addition and actually use some of the stuff. The benefit is that my family and friends will receive things they need, and I'll have little to no out-of-pocket expense. We ask these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Do I sound like I'm rationalising with God? Maybe, just a little though.

As far as getting ready to declutter, one of the best quick reads I've come across is just about anything by Peter Walsh (Clean Sweep fame) or anything by Flylady Marla Cilley. Both are a little anal about things, but do have some good ideas.

The next thing to do is to actually declutter! It doesn't matter how large or how small your space is. Get rid of fabric that your Great-Aunt Nelda gave you in 1972 and you've never had the heart to part with it. Even better...give it back to Aunt Nelda or pass it along to another relative who will appreciate the gift as much, if not more, than you did.

Spend 15-20 minutes at a time and then take a 10 minute break. Then go back with gusto! When you are done, you should have a nice clean area to work with along with an easily-accessible steam iron, areas for things like loop weaving, and so on. You get the idea, I'm sure.

While you're cleaning, think about the best possible layout for your furniture. We had to put a reclining chair in the back bedroom once. Once you have decided on your lay-out, bring the furniture back in. (By the way, the recliner had to find a new home because we kept burying it with clothes.)

You could also go over the patterns you've collected over the years. Have any that were originally $.25? If you haven't used it, toss it.

Ribbons, trims, each have their own recommendations of how to store the articles and how to avoid sun fade.

There....doesn't that feeeeeel better?

But, wait...there's more!

Well, there will be more tomorrow! Stay tuned!
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Blessings from Indiana

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