Monday, January 19, 2009

I've listed the baby burp cloths in my Etsy shoppe! Stop by and check them out!


grannyval said...

Liked your ribbon finish for the burb cloths,would like to use it for our burp cloths.Needles of Faith Ministry we make many different things for the community and word of mouth needs.I live in Greenfield IN.
Thanks for admitting about not being computer literate I thought great,we have that in common too.My oldest daughter talked me into blogging,she writes beautifully I am a talker not a writer.Stop by for a visit Blessingyour socks
Love your ideas .

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I like making baby blankets - I use to make them and send them for soldiers who were stationed overseas and then they would send them to their wives at home when she delivered their child. It was their way of having something handmade and yet be so far from home.

We have officially started organizing my sewing room, we had to move it from one room to another and its out of sorts now. lol

A little bird shared your blog with me. AWESOME

Suzanne in TX said...

Those are just adorable--love your Etsy shoppe, too!