Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Branching Out!

My crochet-edged socks are moving up! I discovered how to make them with BEADS!

Beads....beads....and MORE beads!

(Photos to come--hopefully tomorrow!)

Now I can't go into Wal-Mart without finding any crafts clearance items and searching for beads. I do the same at Michael's. And JoAnn's. Hobby Lobby. I now have a stash of about 30 bizillion beads! I have every shape, size, and color imaginable.

My evenings have been spent crocheting beads onto socks. My mornings are the same. And the afternoons. (You'd think this new hobby has impaired my ability to write in complete sentences!)

My plan is to sell them at craft fairs in the fall and leading up to Christmas. Even if I don't make a dime, it sure is fun! Not to mention therapeutic!

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Anonymous said...

I have tons of beads you can have from when I made nursing necklaces. Not very popular around these parts unfortunantly.