Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Simple Gift

This simple gift was from Katie. Her Sunday school class did these for Mother's Day. Does it get any better than this?


Rebecca said...

LOVE this blog!

Thanks for taking the time to post all these delicious looking recipes and sweet crafts! It is fabulous!

Melissa said...

That looks to be impatiens and I have to tell you son gave me one just like it from sun school 2 yrs ago for Mother's Day. Right now it is over 1 ft in circumference! I've repotted it twice.

Then there is the other issue...why my husband calls it my mother. You see when dad sold the house, I went to the tree that he had sprinkled mom's ashes under and dug up the dirt for the pot! Yep! I did! Now everyone calls the plant "my mother". It does bloom like crazy! You knew her...don't you think that just cracks her up?!!! :)

Ps..Hope you're feeling better today. Glad you called. I wish we were in Vincennes right now. :(